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15 May 2018


WORKSHOP AT THE ART HOUSE. BY DOT MARSHALL all materials are included & SCONES FOR MORNING TEA TIMES, DATE AS FOLLOWS AT ——- The Art House, 63 Railway Ave., Kelmscott SUN 27th MAY 10am to 3pm All you need to bring is lunch IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY RESIN BUT DON’T WANT TO BUY ALL THE MATERIALS NEEDED, (ITS NOT CHEAP !) COME ALONG AND PLAY FOR THE DAY. LOTS OF NEW TECHNIQUES INCLUDING LAYERING TO GET 3D EFFECTS, MAKING PAPER WEIGHTS AND JEWELLERY AND OF COURSE POURING $120 everything supplied including the resin, several small boards, inks, paints, dusts etc. You can put your name on the list in the Art House Shed or contact me on 0409 921 838 or Email dot@dotmarshall.com


01 July 2006

Armadale Society Website

We have had many visitors to the Armadale Society of Artists Website at http://www.armadalesocietyofartists.com.au.

I recommend a visit to see a wonderful display of works.


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